Sep 18, 2009

Sweatin' to the Oldies" has all the factors I like in a live album. I like the band. I like their happy, poppy songs. The male/female vocals go together well. The energy level in this album is way up, and though the songs seem faster than on their records, all the songs on this album are tight. And the band is definitely having a good time. It's fun to listen to them get winded at the end of the album. It's fun that, despite how winded they are, they still want to play two more goofy songs. So I like all of those things. The between song banter bugs me, especially when it launches into a "Happy Happy Birthday" song, but, to be honest, the between song banter on all live albums bugs me after a few listens. I wish that all live albums would tack the complete album minus the banter on the end of the CD as a hidden track or something. But I don't know why I'm bitching. "Sweatin' to the Oldies" only costs four bucks and it's thirteen songs and it solves a big problem in my life (my girlfriend stole my copy of DBA's first album "Hit the Rock." I can't ask for it back without completely destroying my tough guy punk rock cred, but I really want to hear it).

 –sean (Mutant Pop)