DIRT BIKE ANNIE: Superscope: 7"

Jul 05, 2001

I hate it when people try to define punk rock because whatever definition they come up with will leave Dirt Bike Annie out. And I like Dirt Bike Annie. And I like to think that I only like punk rock. So I'm gonna make up a new term for them. They play poppy-as-hell-but-Sean-still-likes-it punk. I know the term's not catchy and won't stick, but the songs on this seven inch are catchy as hell and get stuck in my head and make me sing happy, poppy songs. And yes, when no one's around, I try to hit the high notes that Jeannie sings. I don't care. This seven inch has four DBA songs that I've never heard. They rock in a happy way. I'm still a fan.

 –sean (Break-Up!, PO Box 15372, Columbus, OH 43215)

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