DIRT BIKE ANNIE: It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Single: CD

Jul 09, 2009

It took me some time to figure out why I wasn’t too stoked on this Dirt Bike Annie singles collection. I like DBA, and Dirtnap Records hasn’t let me down yet. But, whenever I scanned through my review pile for something to listen to, my fingers would linger over this collection, then drift over to some other CD to play. Finally, I sat down to see what it is about this collection. I listened to the whole hour or so of songs on the CD, rocked along with really cool DBA songs from “My Girl Left Me for a Chick” to “TV Addict Sex Maniac” to “Roommates” and enjoyed all the original DBA songs. But I kept wanting to skip over the covers of “Holiday Road,” “Are You Ready for the Summer,” “Knock on Wood,” and songs like that. Finally, I figured it out. The problem is this: not only should no one ever cover songs like Patty Smyth’s “The Warrior” ever again (I don’t care how ironic it is), but Dirt Bike Annie should completely avoid covers. Their original songs are good and fun, but even when they cover cool songs like “Debaser” and do a competent job of it, their cover isn’t nearly as cool as the original song or as their original songs. And the real pisser about this collection is that one out of every four songs is a cover. When you combine that with all the dopey sound bites – like the Dirt Bike Annie cheer – it seriously hinders your enjoyment of this album. If they had taken out all the goofy sound bites and all the covers, they still would’ve had a solid forty-five minutes of great stuff on here. But therein lies the tragedy of this: three quarters of it is great, fun, rocking DBA songs, and one quarter of it has you racing to skip songs.

 –sean (Dirtnap)

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