DIRT BIKE ANNIE: Hit the Rock!: LP

Sep 18, 2013

Holy smokes, Mutant Pop CDs from 1999 are getting re-released on vinyl! What next, Oreo® pancakes? I loved Dirt Bike Annie back in the day! They had a light man, doing stuff with the lights! And synchronized dance steps! And a hot bass player! People didn’t seem to know if they were a pop punk or a power pop band, but i don’t know that they were actually either one… they were more like a cool rock band with pop and punk elements, like the Muffs, or the second Generation X album, or a punked-out version of Pilot or something. The straight-ahead rockers here like “Grape Crush” “Rat Fink” and “Come On! Come On!” still hold up, fourteen years later; the more expressive numbers like “Are You Ready to Dance?” make me long for synchronized leg kicks. I tried improvising my own dance routine in the living room but i hurt my foot on the VCR. The Dirt Bike is willing but the foot is geek. BEST SONG: “Rat Fink” BEST SONG TITLE: “Grape Crush” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I once ranked Dirt Bike Jeanie as #41 in my Top 50 Hottest Rock Chicks of All Time list, and you’d be surprised how slowly a thing like that erodes from pubic memory in some sectors.

 –norb (Whoh Oh, whoaohrecords.com)