DIRECT HIT!: Domesplitter: CD

Nov 15, 2011

Sheeeit, these dudes got a lotta energy. The singer sounds like’s he’s blowin’ vocal chords left and right and you can feel ‘em just jumping all over the stage with wild abandon. I know this sounds like it’d be a review for a hardcore record or something, but Direct Hit! is basically a pop punk band. They just go for it really hard. A lot of this record comes across like it’s a concept album about a zombie invasion, which I would normally think is the stupidest thing ever. (Nothing against zombies per se, shit’s just super played-out right now. Time for a new trend, maybe Creature From The Black Lagoon or something...) Somehow it works here though. Fair warning: love or hate these guys, these songs are gonna get stuck in your head. Recommended.

 –Ryan Horky (Kind of Like, )