DIRECT CONTROL: Nuclear Tomorrow: 7"

Jun 21, 2007

An early Corrosion of Conformity-ish song about kleptomania with tiny bits of metal lurking far behind the punk. A JFA-inspired song about calling out folks who carry their skates instead of “murdering ledges.” A song about the holocaust that most of the punk world thought Reagan would have brung us. This would all smack of a wee too much of early ‘80s bandannaed nostalgia if Direct Control was a spoken word troupe. Thank your pull top cans and tight shorts they’re not. They tow in some of the best straight-ahead, no-bullshit hardcore this side of, well, DS13, Career Suicide, Cut the Shit, Minor Threat, and Charles Bronson. Much harder to pull off than just talk about: addictive, fast, and not a note wasted. Direct Control looks back without being a throwback. Comes, appropriately, on bile-yellow wax.

 –todd (Sorry State, [email protected])