DIRECT CONTROL: Bucktown Hardcore: LP

Jan 06, 2011

I remember getting this demo a few years back when Municipal Waste and Caustic Christ played a show with Born Dead Icons at the Che Café. Thought it was one of the better demos around. Then, it seems less than a year later, they were one of the bigger bands making the rounds and putting out vinyl. On one twelve inch smashed circle of vinyl you get the Bucktown Hardcore demo, the demo from 2002, and the Public Safety session from 2006. If you missed out, and like early ‘80s style hardcore, then now’s the time to pick this up. Songs like “What’s the Point” and “War All the Time” are ragers, and the stuff that came later is just as good. It’s interesting to hear the raw recordings from 2002 as well. They sound more intense during that period. Glad to finally hear it.

 –M.Avrg (Tankcrimes)