Aug 12, 2006

Iowa City is recanting the days of the lost art of instrumental dance music. If you’ve got a penchant for grooving and false eyelashes, step right up to this solid platter of sweet and soulful early ‘60s-inspired ditties. Immediately you notice the vibrating hum of vocalist (Can you call blurting out “Holdin’ All the Money!!!” vocals? Fuck yeah!)/organist, Nate “Count” Basinger’s Hammond B3 (not B2) organ and the masterwork of Doug Robertson’s jazz guitar gliding acrobatically across the thick and juicy steak-like bass lines supplied by Dustin Conner, although most of the bass you will hear on this record is provided by the organs (think Ray Manzarek). Drummer Jim Viner goes to work overtime by laying out a solid foundation of snazzy beats in the vein of Gene Krupa and Max Roach. Yeah, it’s a winner. Slap a medal on this sophomore effort and put on your dancing shoes. Oh yeah, smoke a few silk cut cigarettes too while you’re at it, baby.

 –nam (Estrus)

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