Mar 04, 2010

I always wonder what people mean when they say, “That band owns.” If they mean that bands around them get blown out of the water, that they’re a hard band to follow, that they can take a space over and make it their own, then Dios Mio owns this 7”, hands down. Bring That Shit! fails to do what their name implies: seven short songs delivered in English and Spanish which fail to push the “lose your mind” button, or even entertain, really. Even their side of the layout left something to be desired. I was left bewildered as to why Dios Mio doesn’t list a bass player, even though there’s one in the live shot. Both bands seem to aim for brutally punk hardcore, but Dios Mio really hits the spot with great lyrics that remind you why you’re pissed off and the hooks and choruses to back it up. The energy conveyed is very reminiscent of Avail’s Dixie in its raw and honest approach to hardcore.

 –Rene Navarro (Bezerker / Give Praise)