Jul 05, 2001

I don't recall if I own anything from Peru. If they sound anything like Dios Hastio, I need to find more from the region and that band. These guys rage in a hardcore, fastcore or power violence way. Four tracks of mayhem that shriek with uninterrupted energy. The band's name, The Futures, sound like some new wave band. These guys from Japan sound like a mix of early Secret Hate meets Minutemen to me. The choppiness of the music while being quirky brings me back to the early '80s when you got a variety of music that flew under one banner. I almost passed on this release and missed out. Good old Todd Taylor told me to pick this out of the bin. You can't always judge a record by its packaging.

–don (Answer, Hase Bld No. 2 B1, 5-49, Osu 3 Naka-Ku Nagoya City, Aichi 660, Japan )