Dinosaur Jr.’s third album in their re-united form, and their second for Jagjaguwar, continues to show that their reunion is no fluke. While I Bet on Sky is likely the band’s cleanest sounding album, it by no means signals the band mellowing. The group’s signature sound of ‘90s college rock mixed with J Mascis’s guitar solos continues to work. Interestingly, the ten songs on here include two tracks penned by bassist Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Folk Implosion), with him on vocals. However, these songs, too, contain Mascis guitar solos. Like the cleaner music, Mascis’s vocals are also fresh—there’s no scratch in his voice and, instead, there is just his mellow delivery. Lest there be any doubt, Dinosaur Jr.’s still got it: songs like “Watch the Corners” and “Pierce the Morning Rain” are solid rockers and just as good as most of the band’s material from their earlier years. While it would be hard to imagine any Dinosaur Jr. album topping the magic of You’re Living All Over Me, I Bet On Sky shows a band that knows how to age gracefully.

 –kurt (Jagjaguwar)