DINOS BOYS: “Play Dead” b/w “Scab”: 7”

Punk rock is alive and well in Atlanta if you didn’t already know. I don’t know shit about geography, but I heard it was a Southern backwater in the middle of nowhere. So how come it’s some hotbed for punk rock? You know? The Carbonas, Gentleman Jesse? Good shit, right? Die Slaughterhouse has always had its finger on the pulse of what shakes in that town and this shit is no slouch. Mining the same fields as the aforementioned but more stripey shirts and Rod Stewart haircuts. Raw shit, like old school L.A. beach punk, but recorded through your sister’s transistor radio. Neck tattoos and PBR… Hostage records and old TKO mixed with Teengenerate. Only two tracks and a shitty pixilated cover may keep this in the fifty cent bin, but it ain’t half bad.

 –Tim Brooks (Die Slaughterhouse)