DILS, THE: Class War: CD

Probably best known for their contribution of the snide ‘I Hate the Rich’ to the We’re Desperate LA punk Rhino compilation, The Dils were a California punk trio that kicked out high energy pop songs in late ’70s. With the last collection of Dils’ tunes going out of print over ten years ago, this new collection of long lost recordings will bring pleasure to many an ear. The Dils met some success and got to open for the Sex Pistols, record a couple of singles, and play energetic and hooky punk rock to a bigger and bigger audience. Sadly, the Dils are met their fate before spending any serious time in a studio, so the meat of this record is from a live show in 1980. It is a raw, right-out-of-the-soundboard mishmash, but it is all we have to reflect on their place in punk history with.

 –guest (Bacchus Archives/Dionysus)