Dillinger Four, Toys That Kill, and Rivethead: Tour Summer 2002, $10, DVD

Sep 16, 2010

This is worth the ten bucks for the belt fighting footage alone. (Belt fighting is just that. Take off your shirt, hold the buckle in your hand, and start swinging. It devolves into plantation-style whippings. Billy D4 to someone: “You’re not bleeding… bad.”) It’s all rough and tumble footage, but it’s all clear and clearly done by fans of the bands. If you poke around long enough on the DVD, there are lots of in-between candid shots – like tops-sawn-off Coke cans that hold beers on the driver’s console of Rivethead’s van along with their fucking with the Julianna Theory’s merch guy – and live performances by three of my favorite bands. Highlights are many. Here are a few. Rivethead play in front of a gigantic stained glass window that no one falls through. There’s a dance-remix video of their drummer, Half Pint, dancing with his dog. Todd, of Toys That Kill, in his Crazy Larry alter ego, plays in a white trash bag. Sean Cole demonstrates proper form for dumpster diving, and bassist Chachi gets a royalty check for wearing a Razorcake t-shirt on stage. That translates into a beer or two, at least. You can also hear what Mary J. Blige taught Paddy of Dillinger Four. While being let in on his urinal confessionals, Paddy also makes new friends in the bathroom. My only warning with the DVD is that, although I didn’t hold up a stopwatch to it, about half of the material is hidden and some of it will seriously fuck with your DVD player so you’ll have to get up and eject it. I’ve had it for six months and just found a hidden Hot Carl audio track. Monkeywrench “street team”/ “pro gear, pro attitude” punk rock and order this one direct. –Todd (Nate Gangelhoff, PO Box 8995, Minneapolis, MN55408; [email protected])