DILLINGER FOUR: Songs about Girlfriends & Bubblegum: 7”

Dec 30, 2008

You know you’re getting old when you try to Google a show you went to and Google comes back with a fuck you. Todd dragged me out to see this band he was interviewing at a club near the old Al’s Bar. The opening act was a noise/punk band from Japan called No People that would later unofficially hook up with the folks at Recess Records. I forgot all that when Dillinger Four hit the stage. And Todd? It was pretty much all over for him. He should just go ahead and take the jeans he jizzed that night and send them to the Minneapolis Punk Rock Hall of Fame. I’m fairly certain Todd sent this record to me to make sure I remembered that night and I do. Goddam, goddam, goddam I do.

 –Jim Ruland (Mutant Pop)