Jul 03, 2009

After so many years of wondering when the day will come that the good lord would bless us with another D4 album, that day has finally come. Before even putting this on, I made a checklist of the things that I have loved about Dillinger Four all these years to make sure that all these elements were present on the new album. Are there zany sound bytes that lead into the songs by setting a mood and a meaning? Check! Will there be song titles that are as interesting by themselves as the songs are? Check! There better be lyrics that are relatable on many levels and that really make you sit down and think about. Check! All three vocalists singing at the top of their lungs? Check! Yup, it’s still Dillinger Four, and it is still great. Now for the inevitable: comparing it to the other albums. It is a great album, but for me nothing beats or will beat Versus God and that is final. Lastly, if you think you are too cool to like the song “Gainesville,” you are wrong. It is perfectly cheesy in every way, and if you aren’t singing along by the second time you hear it there must be something wrong with you. –Noah W. K.

 –guest (Fat)