Dec 29, 2008

Actually I didn’t get a CD but a CD-R. Also, I don’t have the tracks in the right order, don’t know the song titles, have a cover, or much of a clue in general. I was introduced to D4 from none other than Superfan Todd. Started right around the middle with Midwestern Songs of the Americas and found my favorite song by the band, “Noble Stabbings!” off the Situationist Comedy CD that followed. I admit that I have not listened to this band much through the years since, with the exception of the song I stated that I have downloaded on my iPod. It’s due to my neurotic passion of music accumulation that is an overbearing storage issue and doesn’t give me a lot of repeat listens on a lot of music. I gave it a three listens and feel the need to have more listens to give it more time to grow on me. The familiarity of the formula is there, but the new nuances that they have incorporated in these new recordings are what I seem to be focusing on, instead of hearing them as whole packages. Song four, that really isn’t song four, is almost ballad-like with its slow-driving rock sound interlaced with a beachy feel that reminds me of the Pixies. That track is, so far, my standout track. Overall, I need to keep this one in the pocket a little longer to see how high it gets in my “like” level.

 –don (Fat)

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