Mar 24, 2009

I like the fact that they write lyrics that make you think. You could probably guess that just by looking at the song titles. But dig deeper and you’ll see that the topics should hit home with just about anyone. Heartbreak, depression, and failure all pop up from their sullen heads. However, there always seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. This is music that will make you mull over the passage of time—“and it feels like summer in October” and “December drags on—it’s thirty one days too long.” But I also nominate this band for best song title of the year: “Minimum Wage Is a Gateway Drug.” This a mature, solid, rollicking good time from these Minneapolis boys. Brave the elements if they come to your town. Paddy will thank you and then ask you to buy him a shot. Why wouldn’t you?

 –koepenick (Fat)

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