Jan 06, 2009

I’ve found myself listening to this album quite a bit since I got my hands on it. For what seemed like the longest time, I couldn’t say why. It sounds like D4, but seems slower and more melodic than their earlier stuff. It’s not a straight-up aural assault, but it’s neither vacuous nor jejune. It’s an honest and passionate album. My favorite tracks appear in the middle of the record. “Minimum Wage Is a Gateway Drug” is perhaps the most depressing song I’ve heard in quite some time. “The Classical Arrangement” is one of the best commentaries on the religious, spiritual, or whatever that I’ve heard by way of song. But those aren’t the only good ones on here; the album is full of ‘em. I guess that’s why I’ve been listening to it so much lately: because it’s really good.

 –Vincent (Fat)