Jan 06, 2009

You know what’s horrible? I don’t think I’ve ever really listened to Dillinger Four before this album. I was a roadie for a band that played at the Triple Rock (which Dillinger Four vocalist/guitarist Erik co-owns) in Minneapolis and that is a quality venue. The food was good and everyone was kind. So my only loose connection to D4 had been a positive one, yet I wasn’t totally sure what this album would be like. Fat Wreck material can be real hit and miss for me. I put in their latest disc, Civil War, and was really impressed. In fact, very impressed. The music is fun as hell, catchy, and the use of two vocalists keeps things from getting boring. D4 also do a good job of contrasting song tempos so that nothing seems too slow or too fast. The lyrics are much more intelligent than most bands on Fat (NOFX, I’m looking at you), dealing with friendships, religion, the passing of loved ones and so on. At thirteen songs clocking in at thirty-nine minutes, you’re getting your money’s worth. If you’ve ever enjoyed poppy punk or punk with a pop edge or pop punk or punk pop music or any combination thereof, then you will like this.

 –kurt (Fat)

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