Dec 29, 2008

Though Todd tried mightily to get me to see their inherent awesomeness, I was not an instant convert to the Dillinger Four clan of crazed fan-geeks. I never thought they sucked, but I just couldn’t get what all the hullabaloo was about. Slowly but surely, though, their smart-silly persona, witty lyrics, and arsenal of stealthily catchy hooks won me over. On this latest album, their charms are in full evidence, with said hooks battering you ’round the noggin this time around instead of sneaking up from behind, and seriously tight performances of this gaggle of consistently solid tunes making for one fine listen. Yeah, it may have taken me a while, but you can hand me my D4 pocket protector, ’cause a full-fledged fan-geek I be.

 –jimmy (Fat)