Dec 29, 2008

And here comes this record, a record that has so many people anticipating for it to come out with such staggeringly high expectations. Many of my favorite bands use D4 as a positive influence for their own music. There are times where I play a record, just praying to the dark Underlord Gods of Rock that it doesn’t suck, and when I found myself placing this CD in the player I whispered, “Please don’t suck” over and over until it started to play. Then the song would end and the silence in between was filled with my wishes for the next song to not be dumb. Records are kind of like piñatas in that you just hope for something in there to be good. And if there is just one really cool thing in there, then it was worth busting open. Fortunately, this album was filled with several musical treats that are worth your while. Heartfelt lyrics with arm-raising tunes show that these dudes may be getting older but are in no way fucking around. This album is not better than their other albums and it’s not the best thing that came out this year for me, but I respect it and will continue to listen to it and warm up even more to each song every time I push play. I, particularly, have warmed up to the little ditty about summer in October and I recommend that you do, too.

–Corinne (Fat)