Dec 29, 2008

This is the first Dillinger Four record in six years. A lot has happened since then—a couple Snakepit books, some Ramones’ funerals, another term of President Bush, a cornball major label band called D4 who confused the fuck out of me in the now out-of-business Tower Records—but these fellas haven’t missed a beat. They’re still playing dynamic, pounding, insanely catchy, multi-vocaled, fast melodic punk with soundbites and amusing song titles (“Minimum Wage Is a Gateway Drug,” “Like Eye Contact in an Elevator”). They slow it down a couple times, and it’s great to hear some genuine pop coupled with smartass political punk. Most bands approaching this level of catchiness are juvenile in a bad way, or just whine about girls. These guys are one of the most influential bands in the thoughtful pop punk scene that Razorcake covers, their live show is hilarious and incredible, and this CD hasn’t left the boombox in my kitchen for the last two weeks. Civil War is a terrific surprise from a band who were becoming more of a “was” than an “is.”

 –CT Terry (Fat)

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