Dec 29, 2008

These guys have never let me down! That being said, this is a good record, although it didn’t seem to slap me around with the same intensity I initially felt for, say, Versus. God. Minneapolis’s forever reigning kings of pop punk still manage to reinvigorate an otherwise stale genre of music for me. Everything is still there: witty, sarcastic song titles (“Minimum Wage Is a Gateway Drug,” “America’s Premier Faith Based Initiative”), the raspy vocals and super melodic guitar, and the distorted, punchy bass lines Patty poops out. For a first time listener, this record would probably whet their whistle and make ‘em wanna dig deeper. I hate comparing records, but still find myself more inclined to throw on the older stuff, though. Maybe this record just seems to sound more downbeat than the older stuff. Regardless, this band is always worth checking out! Throw it on loud with a few beers under your belt and it still rocks!

 â€“buttertooth (Fat)