Sep 29, 2008

My parents only bought Greatest Hits records of bands. When I was growing up, I thought Seals and Crofts, Chicago, and Waylon Jennings only had one record each, and it was amaaazing. Finally I have a Greatest Hits to give to my kids. A-side equals (some of) the best DL songs from years of tons of albums from him. B-Side equals other best songs live, recorded quite well at Gonerfest. Math says an incredible record I’ll be playing heavily. DL often feels like ‘80s new wave electronic vibes and Bowie dramatic voiced lyrics about robots and club assholes (“Hey there Mr. Happy / what you smiling about / did you sell out to the lie / that you’re really important”), but with real darkness. The garage punk spirit makes DL rough and lovable a la The Screamers and other bands that made minimalism genius—DL’s cover of The Urinals “Hologram” is the best version of it since the original, catching all the raw modern desperation. If the studio side doesn’t have enough noise for you, the live side is vicious. My parents had plaid pants and ELO. I have black and Digital Leather. 

 –mike (Goner)

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