DIGITAL LEATHER: Simulator: 7"

Jul 24, 2006

I’d like to think Tomata Du Plenty and Gary Numan are nodding their heads “yes” and passing a flag down to Digital Leather. DL captures the ‘80s captivation of the synthesizer and punk ethics, cool electric sounds, and some rocking although not as aggro as The Screamers or as hit and miss pop as Numan. Stuff like this was one of a few crossover items I would use in seventh grade to get Tiffany DuCray to think I’m cool. She was so pretty and dressed nice in plaid. Her dad was the high school gym teacher and she always wanted to run away, but essentially being a rich girl kept her at home. I think she only dated jocks like Tad Dominick, and, although I got along with both of them, I could never really date a girl like that. But I would play this music loud around them and I swore they thought I was cool. Years later, she saw me with a cute girlfriend and literally said, “Wow. I always thought you were square.” Now I’m an adult and over being liked. The music is still rad.

 –mike (Plastic Idol)