Digestate: A Food & Eating Themed Anthology: Edited by J.T. Yost, 288 pgs. By CT Terry

Jan 21, 2013

Brace yourself, because comics and food have come together in a big anthology. What could be in a comic about food? How about a sprig of broccoli watching chunks of meat battle it out in a Roman-style coliseum? How about tales of picky eaters, family recipes, and shoddily run restaurants? How about multiple, graphic pleas for animal rights? It’s all in Digestate, drawn by indie luminaries like Jeffrey Brown and James Kochalka, punks like Ben Snakepit and Nicole Georges, and there’s even something from syndicated comic artist Berkeley Breathed. This comes in at almost three hundred pages—so not everything is mind-blowing, but the art is varied and always high quality—and the quantity and variety guarantee that there will be at least a few things of interest to anyone who likes to eat or look at pictures. That’s everyone, right? –Chris Terry (Birdcage Bottom Books, 324-A West 71st St., NY, NY 10023, birdcagebottombooks.com)

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