DIESTO: Doomtown 7: CD

Jun 21, 2007

Second record from these Portland, Oregon noisemiesters. Pummeling, ferocious rock that could cause some of your fillings to be jarred loose. “Sagittarius” is not a theme song for a dating service. It features thunderous bass lines from Grady Gadbow (who has since been replaced by Steve Reno). “Diamond Back” mines some punishing drum fills from Johan Zamora. He has also been replaced by Doug Krebs. The only constant here is singer/guitarist Chris Dunn. On the CD insert, they are represented as three Horsemen of the Apocalypse type figures. If the new incarnation can live up to the scariness of this studio release I’m sold. If you ever dug Rapeman or Jesus Lizard, these guys will suck your brains out with a steel straw.

 –koepenick (Elastic)