DIE PRINCES DIE: Lions Eat Lions Deluxe: CD

Jul 03, 2009

I caught these guys live at Part Time Punks around 2006. They weren’t the band I went to see, but they ended up being the band I remember, as they ripped it up and put on a great show, leaving the band I came for in the dust and, now, long forgotten. Die Princess Die are noisy, spastic, angular, disjointed, and catchy. The rhythms are nervous, while almost danceable. They take disparate musical styles like post hardcore, techno, rock, and new wave and mix them up into something new. “The Racer” starts off with keyboard loop, then builds with heavy percussion, guitars, and other sounds coming in, to make the song soar, and never lose the overall tone of the song. “Lights of the Night” sounds heavily influenced by gabber; pumping beats, noisy bursts, then the drums come in, changing first impressions. One of my favorite songs here is “Young Lady, Your Tail Is Showing”. It’s mainly mid tempo, and has a dark, low rhythm that’s cool and sinister. Lazy comparisons would be !!! meets Arab On Radar with a little Moving Units and Rocket From The Crypt. But really, Die Princess Die are their own entity. Give ‘em a listen, and go see them live. Originally released on GSL in 2006, this version also includes their Cut Lips LP.

 –M.Avrg (Uproar For Veneration)