DIE LAST: Marzenia Zdesperowanych Romantykow: LP

May 09, 2012

So here’s what I can gather is going on here: These guys are from Poland and this record is an older release from 2001 re-issued on vinyl for the first time. Musically, this reminds me a lot of Leatherface, Boy Sets Fire, and sometimes Samiam… except completely sung in Polish. The lyric sheet contains English translations of most of the songs, and that’s the only English anywhere on the entire record/packaging. While I don’t necessarily mean this as a criticism (although some people would take it as such), this record absolutely sounds like it’s from 2001. It’s a very dated sound. Emo bands like this were a dime a dozen back then, and the fact of the matter is many of them did emo better than this. But, that being said, listening to this record is a good representation of those days.

 –Mark Twistworthy (No Pasaran, nopasaran.pl)

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