DIE KREUZEN: Cows and Beer: 7” EP

Sep 24, 2014

I can’t understand why thishasto be reissued, seeing as it should be mandatory that every household on the planet have a copy readily available, right next to those Eydie Gormé albums andSaturday Night Feversoundtracks your grandparents keep around. Nonetheless, the Nobel Prize folks or someone of similar stature should be showering BeerCity with all kinds of awards for being merciful enough to make this once again available. This, my fine furry heathens, is one of the greatest EPs, punk or otherwise,everunleashed on an unsuspecting public—brief, zippy thrash that not only rages with the best of ‘em, but is rife with unique musical angles that are delivered with a precision that still boggles the mind and sets them apart from the pack three decades later. Seriously, all you’d need are copies of their first two albums (and their contributions to the firstMaster Tapecomp) to go with this and your punk collection is pretty much complete no matter what else you have in your racks. Don’t believe me? Buy a copy. You’ll be thanking me later. 

 –jimmy (Beer City)