DIE HUNNS: Long Legs: CD

Oct 08, 2004

This is Duane Peters' latest incarnation. If you ask me, not a good idea. He teamed up with Corey Parks, the ex-Nashville Pussy bassist (who I have a lot of respect for for being able to play the bass with such enormous boobs). They both share a lot of the vocals early on on some watered down rock'n'roll songs. Duane tries to save a lot of it with his unmistakable vocals, but it just doesn't fly. US Bombs and The Hunns, it's not. Things do start to pick up near the end of the CD when Duane takes over the vocals and the music seems to sway back into more of a punk vein. But it's too little, too late. There is also a video that comes with it if you can stomach Mr. Peters with makeup on, Marilyn Manson style.

 –toby (Disaster)

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