DICKS: Kill from the Heart: CD

Sep 05, 2012

Anger. Rage. Open hostility to intolerance. Explicitly red. Anti-pig (bourgeois and cop). Lots and lots of pigs and daddies. In the small group of unassailable punk bands that would be difficult to co-opt (lyrically, at least; it’s still amazingly catchy), The Dicks stand in tutus at the top of the heap. Apologies, they have none. Enemies of statism, racism, homophobia, but willing and able to fight with fists and knives, the Dicks weren’t a posture. They were resistance. To make and play this music in one of America’s dark hearts in Texas in the late ‘70s-early ‘80s, flamboyantly and unapologetically, is still pretty unbelievable. I don’t say this lightly: Dicks, one of the best punk bands ever. Kill from the Heart, one of the best punk records ever. And a Jimi Hendrix cover. And the songs aren’t listed in quite the right order. And the Hate the Police EP’s included. And you don’t have to pay multiple hundreds for it? Perfect. Buy this and Big Boys (either of the Elvises and Wreck Collection) and you’ve got some heavy antidotes to the couple dumpsters of shit headed your way, COD. A welcome re-reissue.

 –todd (Alternative Tentacles, alternativetentacles.com)

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