DICKIES, THE: All this and Puppet Stew: CD

Waiting for a new Dickies album is like going to a doctor’s office. You sit and wait and wait and wait and, just when you’ve just about given up hope, here it comes bounding down the hall. Your attention now full upon what’s before you, fear starts taking center stage. What if it’s going to hurt in ways that you never thought possible? It has been a long time since you’ve been in this room, and you no longer remember whether it was painful the last time you were here. You plop the needle (or laser) down and, lo and behold, it isn’t anywhere near as bad as you feared. You remember this feeling well. Everything’s gonna be just fine. Doctors Leonard and Stan have given you just the right amount of what you need to get you through the next ten years before you find yourself in this place again. The Dickies still rule.

 –jimmy (Fat)