DICK ARMY: Unsafe at Any Volume: CD

I reviewed a couple of Dick Army seven inches back in the old Flipside days. They were trashy punk rock songs, fast and snotty and seemed like they were held together around the edges by patches that were as threadbare as the knees of their jeans. I just dug out those seven inches not too long ago and wondered if these guys would ever put out a full-length album. Then, what do you know? Here comes Unsafe at Any Volume, which is kind of like a full length, only about ten minutes too short to be called that. Still, this CD has eleven songs, most of them two minutes and most of them sounding like the band listened to some Stooges and some Adolescents, then got drunk and played whatever the fuck they wanted. And there’s something about that that hits me just right.

 –sean (Vital Music)