May 03, 2011

My first complaint is regarding the shoddy recording; sounds like it was done live on a boombox. Live records are for Cheap Trick. Secondly, if you’re gonna do the wacky band name and wacky song titles thing (“Ghost with a Boner”) you gotta blow me away with either  incredible awesomeness or incredible stupidity. Sometimes it seems like it’s cleverer than it’s putting on, however the troublesome thing to me is that the music seems to be really incongruent with the image the band is putting on, the shtick they’re going for. The music is all this big, fist-pumping anthemic stuff. What they’re singing about though, who knows? Ghost boners, I guess. Anyway, the whole thing reeks of trying really hard at pretending not to try.

 –Jeff Proctor (diarrheaplanet.blogspot.com)

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