Nov 16, 2008

First things first: I have no idea how you pronounce the name of this album. What this CD really brings to mind is the one time I saw Pinback, who I caught opening for Slint. Dianogah is comprised of two bass players and drums. Other instruments like violin, keyboard, and drums pop up occasionally, along with female vocals to compliment the male vocalist in the band. The songs are post-rock with a big, open, clean sound, for the most part. Things tend to be mellow, but in a nice, atmospheric way. A few of the tracks ratchet up the intensity considerably, though, with some ominous guitar or some tweaked out bass like the songs “Qhnnnl” and “Snowpants.” Quite a few of the songs are instrumentals too, but they never get wanky and wear out their welcome. All in all, this is some fine indie rock to put on when a nice, contemplative mood is in order.

 –Adrian (Southern)

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