May 10, 2007

This split 7”, released by new Seattle label Rome Plow Records, is one of the nicest I have ever seen in terms of production and design. The 7” itself is heavy 70 gram vinyl. The artwork by Myles Karr is simply gorgeous; I fully intend to hang it on my wall. One side features Virginia’s Dialogues, offering two tracks of despondent, shouty, slightly mathy Midwest-influenced hardcore. The other is just one song by Germany’s Kids Explode, slightly more solid than their neighbors but clearly in the same vein. The bands are well-paired: if you like one, you’ll like the other. Full disclosure: The owner of Rome Plow is the brother of one of my best friends. I still got the 7” through the appropriate Razorcake channels; it’s just a funny coincidence. –Sarah Shay

 –guest (Rome Plow)