DHARMAKAYA: TN 11/20/01 – Live Bootleg #1 and The End 01/12/02 – Live Bootleg #2: CD-R

Jan 29, 2009

Damn, these native sons of Nashville energetically churn-out new auditory releases as often as I giddily cut loose with a rapid-fire succession of volcanically disruptive farts! I’ve now received a grand total of four different Dharmakaya discs during the past ten months, and my ears are still as receptive and enthused as ever regarding the garagey alt-rock liveliness of this Tennessee combo. Even though the sound quality is questionable (muddy, murky, and muffled… these are live “bootleg” recordings, after all!), the band’s genuine devotion to their musical craft is as blatantly obvious as a two-dollar whore’s crack habit! For the record, I recommend the second CD more than the first. The mix is clearer and more evenly toned, plus the guitars are delightfully drenched in a colorful, thick coating of fuzz effects. Either way, Dharmakaya ecstatically perform for the audience as if they’re takin’ ‘em for a ride on a rocket-propelled roller coaster through a booze-soaked sinner’s theme park. So if ya like spirited barroom rock’n’roll that’s perfectly at home in an out-of-control atmosphere of sloppy-drunk rowdiness, then get your grubby lil’ mitts on these here two discs, and let the good times roll where they may… –Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Spat!)