DHARMAKAYA: Analbum: The New Indie Rock Standard: CD-R EP

May 14, 2001

Dharmakaya skillfully churn out melancholy musical madness raucously reminiscent of the lo-fi grungey gruffness that statically strutted across the college-radio airwaves everywhere in the early '90s (a complimentary comparision of sorts: Black Sabbath maniacally mutating with Pavement, vocally led by a gargoyle Kurt Cobain character!). The noggin-thumpin' numbers cacophonously contained herein screech and scream with scathing sonic emotion... delicately soft and cuddly at times (albeit briefly!), and then turbulently tumbling into all-out frenzied fierceness at the spontaneous shift of a chord. Indeed, a heady dose of anger-rock is robustly served on this appealing platter of mind-twistin' tunesmithing, so I'll give it a hearty thumbs-up and a playful poke in the eye...

 –Roger Moser Jr. ($5.00 ppd. to Spat, 1113 Forrest Ave. Apt. A, Nashville, TN 37206)

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