DEZERTER: Underground out of Poland: LP

Sep 07, 2010

I don’t think I have listened to this since the late ‘80s when this was originally released by Maximum Rock and Roll. It was part of my brother’s collection and I think I had moved out by that point, so I didn’t get frequent listens. It’s so long out of print, I don’t think I actually have seen a copy pop up too often in the used bins through the years. Like most good things, someone saw the importance and reissued this. It’s good to hear this again. It definitely has the sound of many eastern bloc countries of the time who interpreted punk from smuggled cassette tapes that they got from tourists and through the mail. You can tell that a lot of what was influencing them was the punk out of the U.K.: simple and straight forward mid-tempo punk. But what captivates me from that time period was that they even pulled off recording. You can hear the crude recording production but also you can hear the magic that was captured. It is what it is and more important that it is being documented. It’s not like today where it’s so easy to record on a computer and get great recordings. Glad that history is not forgotten and made available for both newcomers and people who missed out to be given the chance to hear this.

 –don (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)