DEZERTER: Prawo Do Bycia Idiota: LP

May 13, 2011

Woohoo! second Dezerter LP that I got for review! This is a new one recorded in 2010. A big difference, at least to me, from their 2004 recording. The music, this time around, has more elements of post punk intertwined, making the music more adventurous than what I have heard in the past. It’s mature-sounding, but they still have that underlying melody imbedded in the music. It’s also adventurous that they’re working outside the confines of their past to create something that’s fresh. There is a darker feel to the music, yet they’re playful in their approach. When they go into poppier territory, they come out shining with the energy of a pogo party. Hate to say it, but I like this record more than all of their output I have heard in the past. A nice and varied recording that never loses my attention, but it definitely is a record that you have to let simmer for a couple of listens before the appreciation starts to surface.

 –don (Pasazer)