DEZERTER: Prawo Do Bycia Idiota: CD+DVD

Jul 14, 2011

Poland’s Dezerter plays straightforward, no-frills, no-nonsense punk rock, and I found their tunes to be highly satisfying. While I’m trying hard to make fewer “sounds like” comparisons these days, these guys remind me a lot of Straightjacket. Dezerter’s riffs have a bit of a staccato feel to them, and the harmonies between the guitars and vocals are really good—all of the songs are sung in Polish, but it didn’t matter that I couldn’t understand the words because the vocals blended well with the music. For the record, English translations are provided for all twelve songs, and the lyrical content is fairly standard twenty-first century punk rock fare, but there are some interesting intellectual twists. I don’t have a review of the DVD at this time because I was gonna watch it sometime in the next twelve hours, but I’ve gotta drive nine hundred miles to a funeral instead. Watch for it next time, if you’re interested.

 –Eric Carlson (Mystic [not the Mystic of Super 7” fame])

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