DEZERTER: Nielegalny Zabojca Czasu: LP

May 13, 2011

Pasazer have been on a reissue kick and I am sure glad they are doing it! Here is what I read: this is Dezerter’s twelfth LP that was originally released in 2004 on CD, now seeing the light of day on vinyl. Can’t believe this band from Poland has been around since the 1981 and still going strong. Thirteen songs of straight-ahead, no-frills punk rock delivered in the mid-tempo range. I like that the songs are anchored with melody, driving the songs with a fun energy. Not having a grasp of the Polish language, I find that the music keeps me interested. I find the vocal delivery is important, regardless of language. The vocalist’s tone and delivery with the chorus back-up is on point and really drives the music. The music maybe fun, but the lyrics are serious and in the socio-political vein. Much appreciated that they translated the lyrics to English for this release. –Donofthedead (Pasazer)

 –don (Pasazer)