DEZERTER: Jak Powstrzymalem III Wojne Swiatowa, Czyli Nieznana Historia Dezetera: 2 x LP

When I think of punk in Poland, I think of Dezerter. I had heard them off their Underground out of Poland LP, something else that my brother has, various comps like the World Class Punk tape and We Don’t Want Your Fucking Poor LP, and Jak Punk to Punk LP. This band started out around 1981 and, from what I hear, continues on to this day. They played two shows in the U.S. last year on the East Coast that I was drooling over and was super jealous that I couldn’t attend. From what I can tell, this is not a discography but more of a compilation of songs ranging from 1981-1993. You can hear their early, raw, straight forward punk beginnings to their progression to faster hardcore leanings and bringing in outside influences like reggae. My copy came on awesome white with grey swirl vinyl and was wonderfully packaged in a gatefold cover with a huge foldout poster lyric sheet. If you have heard my latest podcast, you know my current obsession is Polish punk. This is a welcome addition to the library that I’m currently accumulating.                

 –don (Pasazer)