DEZERTER: Ile Procent Duszy?: LP

Jan 12, 2010

Dezerter is a Polish punk rock band that has been around since 1981 and under the name Dezerter since 1983. The fact that they existed years before the fall of communism is notable. The fact that they had material released on Tonepress (the state-run record label) is even more impressive. Appearing on the legendary Polish punk rock sampler Jak Punk to Punk, Dezerter have gone through different lineups and different general sounds over the years, but they always have had a serious sneer for the establishment. I think that carries a lot more weight in communist Poland than it does for bored American suburban kids. This red/black marble swirl vinyl was a total treat to find on my trailer’s doorstep. Coming from Pasazer, it is not surprising that the production is topnotch. The sleeve, insert (in Polish and English), vinyl, and labels all look outstanding. The music reminds me of various late ‘80s hardcore outfits, sort of metally and not unlike Verbal Abuse. This is a gem amongst my vinyl collection. Dziekuje bardzo za doskanale plyty!

 –paul (Pasazer)