DEZERTER: Ile Procent Duszy?: LP

May 07, 2015

Originally released in 1994. I vaguely remember this coming out, as Dezerter were on my radar due to my association with Maximum Rocknroll, who released some Dezerter material stateside. Unlike a lot of stuff that was being passed off as punk from that time period, Dezerter were definitely punk, not emo, not “pop punk,” not crust, not jock metal. Punk. They didn’t sound like anyone else, either, in an era where bands were formed to sound as much like other bands as possible (think of all the Born Against, Nation Of Ulysses, NOFX, and Fugazi clone bands from the time; check your local cut out bin for proof). The songs are mainly mid-tempo, often catchy, and they experiment with reggae in the song “Ostatnia Dub.” They vary the tempos and moods, making for an interesting listen the whole way through. This was the work of a band that spent time thinking about their music and how they wanted to present it. My favorite track on here is “Dezerter.” The tempo is more aggressive, varied, and it’s a more powerful song as a result. Plus, it stands head and shoulder above the rest due to how much variation they have in the song. It’s more raw and primal. “Underz w Polityke (Strike the Politics)” is a tense cooker as well. The steady beat with the snarled vocals over the top is a winner. 

 –M.Avrg (Pasazer,