DEXTER DANGER: Hellafornia: CD

Jun 29, 2007

Dexter Danger sound strangely like a lot of bands that were coming out in the late ‘80s when punkers discovered the mid-tempo beat and that elusive fourth cord. I really like the music on this (reminds me of bands like the Stench), but lyrically I find it kind of annoying—there’s a juvenile sensibility to the lyrics, but not in the sense of juvenile fun, destruction, and alienation. Rather, it’s juvenile I’m-seventeen-and-already-oversentimental-because-I-have-poetic-sensibilities claptrap. BUT, this record does have some teeth, and stands up pretty well on its own and there are some lyrical gems (“I’m desperately waiting for karma to tackle you”—sweet!).

 –Eric Carlson (Orange Peal)