DEVOUR: Insect Circuitry: EP

Jul 06, 2010

I like the darkness that’s in the music and lyrics on this record. “Laugh Track” offers a bleak opinion of society: “People these days / Just character sketches...” then ends with “Where’s the laugh track for your shitty life? Right here on my lips.” I thought their LP from not too long ago was really good, and this pretty much picks up where that left off. I can hear definite nods to the early style of COC and Neurosis, and these guys use those influences well. Tempos range from mid to semi fast. There’s a heaviness that hangs over this whole record, and none of it is sacrificed for speed. Instead, this is a slow steady burn. The sort of record you listen to and bask in your contempt.

 –M.Avrg (Headcount,