DEVO: Watch Us Work It: 12” Single

Jul 03, 2009

Being a worshipper of the Energy Dome for quite some time, I found myself pleasantly surprised by Devo releasing their first chunk of vinyl since 1990. Sure, the song was used in a computer company’s ads, but the bottom line is that it rocks. The thumping bass is the thing that grabs me the most. I kept thinking about Nomeansno because of it, and it totally makes sense to me. The two bands share a huge overlap musically. I can’t get enough of this song (especially the Teddybears mix). The single features a few different versions of the song and a Devo remix of The Attery Squash’s “Devo Was Right About Everything.” The song is kind of lame, but the lyrics are perfect. I just heard that our spud boys are gearing up for a new record in the fall, and this single really has me jerkin’ back and forth in anticipation.

 –ty (MVD Audio)

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